Jobs by Occupation

Managers graphic. Shows there are 1,581,600 Managers employed in Australia. 1 in 4 managers are aged 55 years or older. The top employing manager occupations are Retail Managers, Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers and Construction Managers.

Professionals graphic. Shows there are 3,018,100 Professionals employed in Australia. More than 3 quarters of Professionals hold a bachelor degree or higher qualification. The top employing Professional occupations are Registered Nurses, Accountants and Primary School Teachers.

Technicians and Trades Workers graphic. Shows there are 1,793,200 Technicians and Trades Workers employed in Australia. 84% of Technicians and Trades Workers are employed full-time. The top employing Technicians and Trades Worker occupations are Electricians, Carpenters and Joiners and Motor Mechanics.

Community and Personal Service Workers graphic. Shows there are 1,322,400 Community and Personal Service Workers employed in Australia. Almost 40% of Community and Personal Service Workers are employed in Health Care and Social assistance. The top employing Community and Personal Service Worker occupations are Aged and Disabled Carers, Child Carers and Waiters.

Clerical and Administrative Workers graphic. Shows there are 1,783,300 Clerical and Administrative Workers employed in Australia. There has been strong growth in this group over the past year (up by 9.2%, or almost 150,000 jobs). The top employing Clerical and Administrative Worker occupations are General Clerks, Receptionists and Office Managers.

Sales Workers graphic. Shows there are 1,115,700 Sales Workers employed in Australia. 40% of Sales Workers are aged 15 to 24 years. The top employing Sales Worker occupations are General Sales Assistants, Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers and Real Estate Agents.

Machinery Operators and Drivers graphic. Shows there are 832,400 Machinery Operators and Drivers employed in Australia. 82% of Machinery Operators and Drivers are employed full-time. The top employing Machinery Operators and Driver occupations are Truck Drivers, Storepersons and Forklift Drivers

Labourers graphic. Shows there are 1,232,700 Labourers employed in Australia. 61% of Labourers do not hold post-school qualifications. The top employing Labourer occupations are Commercial Cleaners, Kitchenhands and Building and Plumbing Labourers.