Retail Trade

This image shows that there were 1,272,300 people employed in Retail Trade as at November 2018, up 3.0% since November 2013. Employment is projected to grow by 3.7% over the five years to May 2023.
32% of jobs are regional. 32% of workers are aged 15 to 24 years. 11% of workers are self-employed. 16% of workers hold a bachelor degree or higher. 26% of workers hold a certificate 3 or higher qualification. 5% of workers hold an other qualification. 53% of workers do not hold a post-school qualification.

Retail Trade is Australia’s second largest employing industry. Employment growth in this industry has been relatively subdued over the past five years (up by 3.0%). Part-time work is common in this industry and more than half the workers are female.

This industry offers good opportunities for young people to enter the labour market.

  • Post-school qualifications are often not required.
  • Almost one third of Retail Trade workers are aged 15 to 24 years.

Retail Trade employment is projected to grow by 3.7% over the five years to May 2023, compared with 7.1% growth projected across all industries. Relatively strong growth, however, is projected in a number of sectors, including Non-Store Retailing (which includes online retailing) and Hardware, Building and Garden Supplies Retailing.

Retail Trade, Annual employment growth (%)

Retail Trade

Retail Trade
Top employing occupations This industry All industries
General Sales Assistants 376,300 529,700
Retail Managers 157,000 240,700
Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers 123,700 145,100
Shelf Fillers 60,700 64,700
Pharmacy Sales Assistants 36,400 37,200
Storepersons 32,000 126,800
Retail Supervisors 31,600 38,500
Motor Vehicle and Vehicle Parts Salespersons 26,500 33,400
Pharmacists 21,200 32,000
Purchasing and Supply Logistics Clerks 20,900 104,200
Motor Mechanics 19,800 108,500
Sales Representatives 16,400 84,300
Butchers and Smallgoods Makers 15,400 17,700
Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers 15,300 141,200
General Clerks 13,700 281,800
Service Station Attendants 11,600 12,500
Bakers and Pastrycooks 10,700 35,100
Delivery Drivers 9,000 60,900
Information Officers 8,700 86,900
Forklift Drivers 8,600 68,400

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