This image shows that there were 225,800 people employed in the Mining industry as at November 2015, down 3.8% since 2014 but up 12.5% since 2010. 56% of jobs were regional. Employment in the Mining industry is projected to fall by 14.1% over the next 5 years.
November 2015
3.8 since 2014
12.5 since 2010
Projected to decrease by 14.1% over the next 5 years

Top 5 Mining Occupations

Top 5 Occupations
Top 5 Occupations This Industry All Industries
Drillers, Miners and Shot Firers 40,900 48,500
Metal Fitters and Machinists 24,500 117,200
Other Building and Engineering Technicians 12,400 25,400
Electricians 10,600 165,500
Truck Drivers 8,000 173,000

Mining is a small employing industry, with 225,800 workers (or 2% of national employment). Over the five years to November 2015, 25,000 new jobs were added in this industry (up by 12.5%), but employment peaked in November 2012 and has since fallen (down by 45,300 or 16.7%). Further job losses are expected over the five years to November 2020 (down by 14.1% or 31,900).

Mining jobs are concentrated in Western Australia and Queensland, with these two states accounting for around 70% of industry employment, and jobs are mainly in regional areas (56%).

Machinery Operators and Drivers and Technicians and Trades Workers are the main employing occupation groups, with each accounting for 30% of Mining jobs.

Most workers are male (86%) and part-time employment is rare (3% of workers are employed on this basis).

The workforce is highly skilled, with the vocational education and training (VET) sector being a key provider of skills. More than two in five workers hold a certificate III or higher VET qualification. The university sector also plays a key role in the provision of skills, with Professionals such as Mining Engineers and Geologists being vital to this industry.

There are relatively few jobs available for workers aged 15 to 24 years. They comprise 7% of industry employment (compared with 16% across all industries).

Educational attainment, Mining (% of industry total)

Shows the educational attainment profile of the Mining Industry's workforce.  Bachelor degree or higher 28%. Certificate III or higher VET qualification 43%. No post-school qualification 22%. Other qualification 7%.

Age profile, Mining (% of industry total)

Shows age profile of the workforce in the Mining industry.  15-24 years 7%. 25-34 years 29%. 35-44 years 27%. 45-54 years 24%. Aged 55 years and over 13%. All industries average: 15-24 years 16%. 25-34 years 23%. 35-44 years 22%. 45-54 years 21%. Aged 55 years and over 18%.

Employment projections by region, Mining, five years to November 2020 (% change)

Employment projections by region, Mining, five years to November 2020 (% change)

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