Accommodation and Food Services

This image shows that there were 900,100 people employed in Accommodation and Food Services as at November 2018, up 16.4% since November 2013. Employment is projected to grow by 9.1% over the five years to May 2023.
33% of jobs are regional. 45% of workers are aged 15 to 24 years. 11% of workers are self-employed. 15% of workers hold a bachelor degree or higher. 25% of workers hold a certificate 3 or higher qualification. 5% of workers hold an other qualification. 55% of workers do not hold a post-school qualification.

Accommodation and Food Services is a large and fast growing industry, with 127,000 new jobs added over the past five years. Part-time work is common in this industry (60% of those employed).

This industry provides strong entry level opportunities for workers. A large share of the workforce is aged 15 to 24 years and post-school qualifications are often not required. This industry also offers training opportunities, employing 22,900 apprentices and trainees in 2018.

Accommodation and Food Services employment is projected to increase by 9.1% over the five years to May 2023 (above the 7.1% expected growth across all industries). Particularly strong growth is expected in the Cafés, Restaurants and Takeaway Food Services sector (11.9%).

Accommodation and Food Services, Annual employment growth (%)

Accommodation and Food Services

Accommodation and Food Services
Top employing occupations This industry All industries
Waiters 122,200 129,500
Kitchenhands 97,800 136,100
Bar Attendants and Baristas 92,100 105,500
Chefs 88,300 103,800
General Sales Assistants 77,500 529,700
Cafe and Restaurant Managers 58,200 65,500
Fast Food Cooks 44,700 46,900
Retail Managers 30,600 240,700
Cooks 28,900 41,500
Cafe Workers 22,400 27,600
Housekeepers 22,300 31,700
Hotel and Motel Managers 21,500 25,600
Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers 20,200 145,100
Commercial Cleaners 17,700 156,500
Receptionists 14,000 179,600
Delivery Drivers 12,100 60,900
Other Accommodation and Hospitality Managers 6,500 8,900
Hotel Service Managers 6,500 8,100
Conference and Event Organisers 4,600 37,600
Caravan Park and Camping Ground Managers 4,300 6,400

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